Welcome! Who am I? I am your average Jo. Or Josephine. I live a good life, yet worry incessantly about things that have happened, things that might happen, and things that will never happen. I deal with fear and anxiety by finding new ways to challenge myself, usually in the form of running longer distances. Physical discomfort is good practice for addressing life's challenges and mental discomforts. And it makes you once again appreciate and enjoy the simple things. I hope this inspires you to get out there and live authentically.

The Handler and a humble moment

I should be working, but clearly I’m not, although I do consider what I write down here as a work in progress and a project for the future.  I have some thoughts which I wanted to capture, and the ego in all of us hopes someone finds it interesting, thought-provoking, worth a read, and at […]

Flete Coastal Endurance Ultramarathon

As I write this I am surrounded by a huge pile of tissues for blowing my nose.  And I have chest pain from bronchitis.  At least, I hope it’s bronchitis… The result of one immune hit too many.  Seems the combination of an 800 metre swim in the sea without a wetsuit (at 13 degrees […]


During the last race I ran, I overheard a woman asking the course organisers to show her on the map where the ultra marathon and marathon routes split.  She was running the ultra marathon – or, at least, starting the ultra marathon – and would ‘see how it goes’.  But she wanted to be sure […]

Discomfort Zone

I had a very sobering experience a few days ago.  I swam 800 metres in the sea.  In Torquay.  UK.  Without a wetsuit. Why would anyone do anything so stupid?  Because pride comes before the fall.  And fall you shall. May in the UK is hardly summer.  Even summer in the UK is hardly summer. […]

Suffer better

As I sit here, what I really want to do is go to bed.  I’m tired.  My intestines are behaving…like a colicky baby that won’t go to sleep.  My eyes are really dry and scratchy.  I feel slightly feverish.  This is how the long, slow run affects me.  How I feel after hours spent outside, […]

Water off a duck’s back

I’m a late bloomer when it comes to swimming.  I only learnt to swim properly when I was 10 years old.  And even since then, the strokes have moved on.  I took swimming as a summer sport at my school – but I was no great shakes.  I barely made it through the heats to […]

Kids: wolves in doves’ clothing

Kids are fickle.  They can be bought and bribed.  And they can pick up on a pattern of behaviour.  Particularly if it serves their needs.  For example: whenever my brother and I visited our maternal grandparents, we would receive a present.  Each.  It would be waiting for us on our beds.  We came to expect […]