Random memories..mindfulness..whatever

“Locked Up” – Ingrid Michaelson   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAyabX9Ode8 I have taken a wrong turn? When will I learn? When will I learn? Shall I show them all my scars? Cherry red bleeding burn Like an angry apple tree I throw my apples if you get too close to me But if I look to my right […]


Coffee room.  It’s silent as the grave.  Almost hallowed.  Two people are speaking with hushed tones in the corner, looking up furtively every now and then, as though half expecting someone to go ‘Sshhhhh!’ Eventually they get up and go an stand in the corridor to continue their conversation. A new junior member of staff […]


I went to get some documents notarised this afternoon.  I had arranged date and time last week with the posh, disembodied voice at the end of the phone. I slipped out of baggy jeans and a t-shirt into something a little less comfortable, to fit the poshness of the voice.  For once I tried to […]

Sometimes you need some sugary stuff

I’ve hit The Wall.  It happens notoriously at mile 18.  It’s an amazingly horrid feeling of ‘The End’ is upon us. The first I time I experienced it was in my first marathon.  It was like the Dementors had attacked me.  The world looked grey.  I wanted to cry.  The world was shit.  Life was […]

My brain is not tricked, it’s trained

Or is it trained to be tricked? ‘Do you feel you have grown as a person over the last decade?’ I asked exuberantly as husband and I ran/plodded up the steep incline of a trail around a golf course.  He does not run often, and usually with extreme displeasure. I got a deadpan, less than […]